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Whoa It’s March

March 16th, 2014


Whew, it’s almost been two months…

But we’ve been grinding away in our cave, and a lot’s been getting done! Here’s the recap (TLDR video at the bottom):


Environments are continuing to come together. Here’s some recent stuff:




Kalen will be hosting a Livestream around the end of the month or early April. Come hang out with us and watch him paint up some in-game assets like the ones above. He’ll be walking us through a bit of his process, and may even take a few requests from the audience! Details to come, stay tuned.


Aakaash’s latest piece, which you’ll hear in some of the game’s smaller battles:


Code-wise, my focus has been on combat UI and AI.

The UI still needs some tweaks, but the functionality’s coming together pretty nicely.

The AI’s been trickier to get right. Since one or a few bad moves in the game can be fatal, the AI can’t get away with attacking blindly on sight. At this point, it manages to do a pretty good job of predicting future outcomes and avoiding very poor to suicidal moves, and instead of charging blindly, it tries to wait for openings to strike. That said, teaching it to play well while leaving opportunities for players to gain an advantage will take some time to get right.

Anyhow, here’s a video!

Things are still rough overall, and there’s a ton of placeholder assets everywhere. I’ll be focusing on characters and animation once we’ve finished nailing down more of the core gameplay elements. Things should start looking much more interesting once that’s done and I can start implementing class abilities.

Lastly, Kalen and I will be at GDC next week. If any of you will be there as well, let me know. I’d love to hear from you!

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