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September 14th, 2014


Hi there-

We’re still crunching away towards our first alpha release, but I wanted to keep you all posted in the meantime on what’s taking so long!

Character Management & Customization
The game’s character management system has been evolving into something very different and much deeper than originally planned. Though this means it’s taking longer than expected to implement, this is a good thing! Here’s a preview of how it’s looking:

Party Overview

When you load the in-game menu, you’ll start with a summary of your party’s status. There are eight primary characters, and significantly more (final number still TBD) secondary characters you’ll control in the game. From here, you can select any of your units to quickly drill down into the:

Character Overview

The Character Overview provides a high level view of everything you need to know about a unit. On the left you can see an expanded view of the coat-of-arms inspired summary widget seen on the Party Overview screen, which displays character type, faction, and equipped weapon. On the right you can see a breakdown of the unit’s unlocked classes and corresponding abilities and stat boosts. This is important, since as you’ll see below, unlocked classes form the basis for everything relating to character progression.

Character Profile

The profile view allows you to view a character’s basic information, including whether they’re primary (must survive every battle) or secondary (game goes on if killed) characters. On the right, you can see how the character’s unlocked classes sum up to his total base stats before taking faction and equipment into account. Each character’s profile is different, meaning the boosts they get from each class will vary.

TLDR: Unlocked Classes x Character Profile = Base Stats

Character Faction
Every character is aligned to a faction, which grant different boosts per class. Certain factions will produce strong swordsmen, while others produce good archers, and so on. You’ll be controlling characters from different (sometimes competing) factions at different points in the game, and you’ll need to adjust how you develop your units accordingly.

TLDR: Unlocked Classes x Faction = Alignment Bonus

Units can carry up to three weapons which can be changed mid-combat. As shown on the left, weapons have their own stats as in any other RPG. More importantly though, a unit’s effectiveness with a type of weapon depends on which classes he’s unlocked. This is shown above as his proficiency bonus. For example, a unit who has only developed Archer skills won’t be very effective if equipped with a sword. As mentioned earlier, equipped weapons also determines a unit’s available abilities.

TLDR: Unlocked Classes x Weapon = Proficiency Bonus & Available Abilities



As your units develop, new advancements will become available. Any unit can advance into any part of the class tree, but you’ll want to keep some of the ideas from above in mind to maximize your units’ effectiveness. In most cases, you’ll want to specialize your characters to align with their respective strengths to build an effective party.

Nuts & Bolts

Apart from finalizing the RPG UI and progression elements, I’ve also been focusing on getting the technical architecture as stable as possible before we move into testing. This means testing the game at different resolutions, aspect ratios, and platforms, building out the system UI for customizing display, controls, etc. Here’s a peek at how the system menus are shaping up:


Video Runthrough

Take a look below to see all of this in action:

Apologies to those of you who were looking forward to the alpha release with this update- I decided it’d be better to take some more time to polish things up a bit rather than disappointing with a rushed build. Things are taking longer than planned, but we’re getting a lot done and hopefully you like what you see so far!

To close out, here’s a lighter piece from our docks area. Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


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  1. Juan Barreto #
    September 14, 2014

    Wow! this is looking great, Can’t wait to put my hands on this

  2. EtherRush #
    October 2, 2014

    Hello yes! Still looks great! Name change option, too, please!

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