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Paypal for Liege

Want to help support Liege? Check out the options below!

Have a question? Just let me know!

The Game – $10 USD

  • The digital version of Liege: Part I on any platform of your choice

The Digital Set – $25 USD

  • Digital Liege Trilogy on platform of your choice
  • Digital soundtrack and art & instruction booklet
  • Digital versions of the Poster, Script, and Art Book tier rewards
  • Early closed beta access to all games in the trilogy
  • Your name in the in-game credits

The Alpha Set – $50 USD

  • Two digital sets
  • An alpha build of the game and chance to get your input heard early on
  • A high quality, oversized postcard with your choice of one of several Liege artworks and a personally sharpied message & sharpie sketch

The Poster Set – $100 USD

  • A signed & numbered, movie format, 24×36” Liege poster
  • All the above

The Screenplay Set – $125 USD

  • A signed, brass brad bound copy of the 120+ page Liege script (the game’s core narrative as it was originally conceived), written in standard screenplay format
  • All the above

The Art Book Set – $160 USD

  • A signed, high quality, hard-cover book showcasing notes, design sketches, artwork, and other content generated during production with supporting text commentary. Includes a Special Thanks section featuring the names of backers from this and higher tiers
  • All the above